What a Joy of getting the word of God in one’s own Language!

The joy of receiving God’s word !

Gifts of Impact

This year, we need $87,00 to train 350 pastors.

  • $250 One pastor will be trained for cultural transformation

  • $1,250 Five pastors will be trained for cultural transformation

  • $2,500 Ten pastors will be trained for cultural transformation

This year we need $8,500 for Bibles in African languages.

  • $17 One Bible

  • $170 Ten Bibles

  • $1,700 Hundred Bibles

Educating the pastors of Africa starts with you


Graduation Class of 2017

Graduation Class of 2017

Graduation of pastors at Nyahururu Kenya



We equip, teach and empower the pastors of Africa.

The church in Africa is booming. Christianity in Africa is booming. But due to this exponential growth African pastors must serve multiple churches, some with thousands of congregants. They are confronted with issues in their churches like witchcraft, female genital mutilation, and wife inheritance. And they are forced to address these challenges  with no formal training . African Transformational Leadership (ATL) is committed to equipping these pastors so that the church in Africa will remain strong and unified. 

Hundreds of pastors and leaders from different denominations attend our training seminars each year. We provide materials for every pastor so that these shepherds can confidently and effectively offer ongoing discipleship training for their congregations. As we have followed up with these pastors and churches leaders that have completed this training we find that most describe their experience as transformative, both in their personal walk with the Lord as well providing them with the skills to ably lead their flock in "paths of righteousness". In many cases these pastors have trained others who are now ready to lead new churches.

Our Training of Trainers has been very a very powerful tool that biblically trains qualified men who in turn train others in accordance to 2 Timothy 2:2. A great example is Rev. Githinji, who attended our 2014 Training of Trainers in Kabazi. Since then, he has been training other pastors in Nakuru County and was one of our key trainers during the Nyahururu leadership Seminar in July 2015.  

Truly, ATL  has found this to be the most effective way of reaching as many pastors and church leaders as possible, especially in the most remote locations.

“We believe that leadership truth can best be delivered by using African Pastors that have gone through our training and have been trained as trainers. This is because the African pastors know the local language and understands the idiosyncrasies of the culture”

Leadership Training in Kabazi, Nakuru County

Leadership Training in Kabazi, Nakuru County