Jesus -  We look to the life of Christ as our model for life and ministry

Love – African Transformational Leadership believes that because of God’s unmerited favor and grace, He offers all of mankind eternal life through Jesus Christ. We will therefore value, cherish and honor the unconditional love of God which is manifested in the redemptive work accomplished on the cross by His son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost which draws men into a personal relationship with God the Father.  

Inspiring Leaders – We believe that those gifts of leadership should lead our ministry.

Life changing Bible Teaching - We believe that sound biblical teaching is stimulus for life changing. Therefore, African Transformational Leadership will remain true to the foundation of the faith while presenting them in a way that can be understood by our culture.

A holistic ministry approach – We believe that God loves and responds to the needs of the whole person. We will therefore aid the fullest redemption and development of the human person in entirely: spirit, soul, mind, body, and social context.

The Bible -  We value, honor and cherish the Holy Scripture as the inerrant, inspired Word of God for instruction in living and direction into personal life transforming relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord

Attributes - We in African Transformational Leadership, value the attributes of God in the revelation of Himself through His only begotten Son, His inspired word of Creation.

Responsibility – We value the responsibility of being called into royal priesthood, a holy nation with the expressed charge of calling every living soul into a faith-based, grace – provided relationship with Jesus Christ.

People - We in African Transformational Leadership, value honesty and integrity, personal responsibility and accountability to God, self – discipline, respect for all people